Supplier Terms & Conditions

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Supplier Terms and Conditions

Creative Precision Purchase Orders for goods and services, unless otherwise specified in writing, are firm fixed cost unilateral contracts based on performance. Acceptance is strictly limited to the Terms and Conditions of the Purchase Order. Unless specifically agreed to in writing, Creative Precision objects to and is not bound by any term or condition that differs from or adds to the terms and conditions of the issued Purchase Order.

Creative Precision Inc. reserves the right to cancel all or any part of and purchase order if delivery is not in accordance with purchase order delivery date. Seller shall not deliver goods prior to the scheduled delivery date unless specifically authorized by Purchase Order.

The Purchase Order must not be changed in quantity, pricing or terms and conditions without a formal change order. Verbal changes in quantity, pricing or terms and conditions will not be accepted.

Seller warrants that all goods and services provided to Creative Precision shall conform to all specifications and requirements of the issued Purchase Order and shall be free from defects in material and workmanship.

All goods and services provided are subject to Creative Precision inspection and acceptance. Creative Precision shall accept the goods or provide written notice of non-conformance or rejection. Creative Precision, at its sole option and Sellers expense shall return non-conforming material for credit or refund; require seller prompt correction or replacement of the discrepant material; or obtain replacement goods or services from an alternate source.

It is the supplier’s responsibility to notify Creative Precision Quality Manger prior to shipment of any suspected non-conforming material. In addition, it is the supplier’s responsibility to provide a formal recall notice of any material determined to be non-conforming after delivery to Creative Precision Inc.

Any determination regarding the acceptance of non-conforming material or process require written authority from Creative Precision Quality Manager, or designee, prior to delivery.

Work Performed under Creative Precision Purchase Order is subject to Creative Precision surveillance and/or Creative Precision customer Quality Assurance representative surveillance at the supplier’s plant. Creative Precision Quality Assurance representative may elect to conduct an inspection of the supplier’s premises, processes and related job records either on a random basis or to the extent of One Hundred Percent Inspection. Seller shall be notified if Creative Precision inspection is required on specific shipments. No shipments shall be held for Creative Precision inspection unless written notification is received prior to, or at the time of, material being ready for shipment. Creative Precision, at its sole option, may debit sellers account for non-conforming or discrepant materials or processes. The debit will be removed upon satisfactory repair or replacement of the non-conforming material.

Seller shall retain all records relating to the product or service provided and shall not discard or destroy them without first offering them to Creative Precision. All records shall be provided upon request.

Seller shall notify Creative Precision Inc. of any changes in product and/or process, changes of suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility location and, where required, obtain Creative Precision Inc. approval.

Seller shall flow down to the supply chain, the applicable requirements including customer requirements.

Suppliers performing customer approved processes are required to have current written approvals for customer processes when customer processes are specified.

Subcontracting of “Special Processes” by the supplier may require the use of approved sources. If an order requires the use of “Special processes” and the purchase order does not provide specific instructions regarding approved sources the supplier must contact the buyer before processing. (Special processes include but are not limited to heat treating, plating and surface treatment, non destructive testing, welding etc.)

When specified, suppliers are required to provide with shipment raw material test report certification, including actual values for chemical, mechanical, and physical data verifying inspection and acceptance to the applicable material specifications.

When specified in the Purchase Order, seller shall package, identify and ship items in Creative Precision designated and/or provided packaging.. In lieu of Creative Precision provided packaging, all items shall be packaged in accordance with best commercial practices to avoid in transit damage or product deterioration. Shipments by Seller shall include Packing List showing Creative Precision Purchase Order Number, line item number, description and quantity of goods, part number or size, if applicable, and appropriate evidence of inspection. Seller shall not insure any FOB Origin shipment unless authorized by Creative Precision Purchase Order. Shipment shall be delivered to the facility noted only on the Purchase Order. Item shipped to a wrong address will be returned at the Seller’s expense or, with seller approval, forwarded to the correct address utilizing Seller Shipper Account.

Only the ship via specified on purchase order shall be used unless authorized by the buyer. Any additional shipping cost for using the incorrect ship method could be the responsibility of the supplier.

Creative Precision maintains a supplier quality and delivery performance rating system and a supplier approved vendor listing. All suppliers are considered on probationary status until they have met defined quality and delivery performance metrics on a minimum of ten purchase order line items. Suppliers who do not provide timely Cause and Corrective Action responses will be removed from the Creative Precision Approved Supplier Listing.

Seller agrees that drawings, specifications, process information, work instructions and all other documents provided in the performance of the Creative Precision Purchase Orders are considered confidential and proprietary and will not be divulged to others without the express written permission of Creative Precision.

All invoices will be returned if not in agreement with Creative Precision’s purchase order.

Seller shall submit invoice to:
Creative Precision Inc.
2640 East Rose Garden Lane
Suite Six
Phoenix, AZ 85050


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